The exhibition format ZONE1 exclusively features artists under 40, who live, work or have been educated in Austria. Since 2015, ZONE1 has been one of the highlights of the fair and highly valued by art experts and visitors. This year, it is curated by Franziska Sophie Wildförster

“Vienna is a geographical and creative junction that has a rich history and continues to set new impulses. The reasons for this seem to be not only because of two excellent art academies and reliable state funding systems, but is also due to a general shift in attention, which in times of crisis moves away from the once undisputed art and financial metropolises. viennacontemporary, under the new artistic direction of Boris Ondreicka, is an attempt not only to depict and define these dynamics but also to expand them. I am happy to be a part of this enterprise with the curation of ZONE1, which reflects the vitality of the city. With a balance of galleries from the very beginning and those of the younger generations, ZONE1 showcases both emerging positions and those which have received less attention so far―a laboratory of sorts, where feminist, socioeconomic, and ecological approaches can be formulated.”

— Franziska Sophie Wildförster

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